Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Back

It's been a while since I wrote anything here; but I have decided that is 2012 I should attempt to complete some projects.  Writing and maintaining a blog is on the list and so is decluttering and becoming more organized.
Oh, I know the theory of decluttering and organizing; could likely write a book about it.  But, it's the putting theory in to practice that seems to elude me.  It looks so easy when you see them do it on TV.  Part of the difficulty is that I am not only decluttering and organizing my own life, but also the lives of my six children, their partners and my grandchildren.
Although our home is a whopping 3600 square feet, there is no room to put things.  Well, really the reality is that everywhere there is room is already filled with "things."  Some of these things belong to me, but much of it belongs to the other people that share our home.  There in lies some of the problem.  Is it my duty and obligation to sort through the stuff that does not belong to me and decide if it is still useful; do I even have the right to decide whether these kept items are cherished treasures or just junk.
Oh, I must admit that I can come up with more reasons to keep something than to throw it away.  It always seems that when I throw something away it suddenly comes up in conversation or I find the match to it.  Speaking of match, that is why I have a large hamper full of unmatched socks.  You just never know when you are cleaning whether you will come across the mate, so I keep them just in case.  Some have been waiting for their "perfect mate" for years.
Well, I shall try to keep you all updated about how the declutter/organization 2012 New Years Resolution is panning out.

Dear Creator,
Please grant me the strength to toss and donate the things I no longer need or use.  Meegwetch.

Most of all for this year, "Don't Forget to Breathe"

Friday, September 24, 2010

Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat

I have lost track of the times I have heard those words come out of my mouth.  Not really wanting to know the answer but asking it anyway. But, the other day my husband uttered those same words.  Let me explain.

I have grown accustomed to my husband saying, "Does this lipstick and eyeliner look good on me."  We are involved in our local theater group; he's an actor and I do costume design.  When performing on stage he has to wear makeup, if he doesn't the lights make him look dull.  So, over the last three years he has found his perfect shade, Frosted Raspberry.  So, for him going a little outside his comfort zone is fine.

Oh, I forgot to mention he is a high school teacher.  He tries to be involved with the various things going on at the school and believes sometimes it is necessary to act it up a bit for a good cause.  This year the students came up with a brilliant idea for raising money to support, The Terry Fox Run.

If the students could raise $200.00 then two of the male teachers would wear dresses to school.  Now, for some reason Peter and the other science teacher were asked to do it.  They both accepted and the fundraising began.  Thursday, he announced to me that the fundraising goal had been met and he would be wearing a dress to school on Friday.

At dinner Thursday night we told our daughters about the fundraising goal and the fact that their dad would need some help picking out a dress and some shoes for tomorrow.  They were excited about the idea, after supper they went upstairs and gathered Natalie's dresses for Dad to try on.  We have discovered that he is not a size 12.

He tried on a few dresses and some nice black heels. Yes he asked,"How do women walk in these all day?"  Yeah, wait till he has to struggle into the pantyhose.

In the middle of the fashion show he notices a visitor approaching the house.  It's Deb, our local librarian and another one of the thespians from our local theater company.  He decided to greet Deb in a lovely white and blue flowered number.  When Deb opened the door and saw him standing there in a dress, she burst out laughing.  We quickly explained the reason.

Well, in the end he settled on a lovely black halter dress, rhinestone necklace and some sensible black shoes.  He is happy to have done his part to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

Oh, yeah.  No the dress did not make him look fat and our 14 year old said, "Dad you have great legs."

Peter and I do what we can to raise money for certain organizations.  In the past three years I have participated in the MS Walk in Sudbury, Race Run Walk for Diabetes, Run for the Cure and canvassed for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  These are all great reasons for me to lace up the running shoes and hit the pavement.  Peter participates in raising money for Terry Fox.  Please support these organizations when you can.  Links will be posted on my blog

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I Do at Camp, But Never in Manitowaning

We have a camp that has been in our family for over 80 years.  It is a wonderful that has changed very little in this time.  There is no hydro, running water or indoor facilities, but everyone young and old love to spend some time at camp each year.  A good year is described by how much time you did or did not spend at camp.  This year I am feeling pretty good, I was able to go to camp twice.  That brings me to this weeks post - Things I Do at Camp, But Never In Manitowaning.
Here is the list:

  • SOCKS: Wear the same socks for several days.  Yes, my pink and green wool socks from Mark's Work Wearhouse have gone on many a canoe and camping trip.  The amazing things about wool is even when it is wet your feet stay warm, toasty and never smelly.  You don't get that kind of comfort from cotton socks. At home, fresh socks everyday.
  • PIGTAILS:The kids know it's camp time whey they see me sporting my hair in two neat pigtails.  Although very cute on the below tenners, pigtails on a grown woman some how says "Spank Me, I've Been Bad."  Not exactly the type of picture I would want to portray of myself in my sleepy little town. But at camp it is all about what is easiest.  Recently, I cut my hair and there was some actual concern when only a week later we were heading to camp.  Could I, Would I, Can I get my shorter locks into pigtails.  Well, I could, would and did part my hair down the middle and braided it into two very cute piggies.
  • SHAMPOOING, CONDITIONING, AND SPRAYING:  This is another thing that while at home I would scarcely pass a day without doing the DO.  Camp is so different, there is an odd sense of freedom that comes from not being tied to the hair routine.  At camp I swim; but rarely do I crack out the shampoo and conditioner and never, ever have I hairsprayed my locks into control while at camp.
  • AN OPEN DOOR:  Yes, at camp I pee with the door open.  First some clarification; at camp the door belongs to an outhouse.  The outhouse is situated in a little hollow, several feet from the camp, a small rock outcrop in front and the most beautiful view of Shit House Bay and the Killarney Mountain Range.  I go there not only to do my business, but to enjoy the view.  At home it's get in complete the paper work and get out.  But, at camp doing your business takes on a slower more relaxed pace.  There is a process to using the outhouse - quick inventory of the location of others, announce loudly,"Going to the Outhouse," proceed done the path announcing or singing to warn those who may be in the outhouse and wait to see if someone shouts, "Using."
Camp is the place we go to relax and let it all hang out.  It is the place everyone in the family craves to get to each year.  A place were long standing family traditions must be adhered to.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why Start Blogging

Well I have a couple of friend who have their own blogs.  They both use them because one is a product reviewed and the other has written a book; two very good reasons to blog.  I on the other hand could not really see why just anyone would want to have a blog. 
Then it occurred to me that I like telling stories about what is going on in my life; maybe others would like to see what it is to:  live in a house that is 125 years old and has been in renovation mode since we moved in 4 years ago; make room for 3 generations to live under one roof along with a cat and dog; listen to the ramblings of a 45 year old woman who is trying to finish her university degree, work full-time and make sure everyone in the family stays healthy.  Well, it seemed like there might be some stories in there that would brighten someone's day, give them some answers or just make them realize they are not the only person out there trying to keep all the balls in the air.
Oh yeah, should mention where the name came from.  Years ago I was trying to juggle three particularly difficult balls:  single mom with four children; working full-time and helping to create an online learning curriculum.  My co-worker on the project would get these frantic calls from me were I would ramble off about 10 things I was trying to accomplish all at the same time.  He would quietly listen, hmmmming at just the right moments.  When I had finished my ramble he would quietly say to me, "And Don't Forget to Breathe."  This was 10 years ago and many times since then I have heard his voice reminding me to breathe.